Do Massage Chairs Have Medical Benefits? Top 23 Benefits

Are you tired of seeing your body put through so much physical and mental strain? The Massage Chair is the ideal solution for you! The benefits of massage therapy are well known, having been celebrated for centuries in Eastern nations.

The rise in popularity of Massage Therapy suggests that this trend has spread to international markets as well. However, we recognize that making the right lifestyle choice can be difficult if you are not fully aware of what it entails.

Some of you may be unaware of the advantages of regular sessions in a Massage Chair. But that doesn’t mean it’s rocket science; it’s about understanding how everything fits together!

Our daily lives, regardless of age, can wear us out with fatigue and stress, not to mention physiological complications as we age. To counteract this, we recommend purchasing a Massage Chair for your home in order to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern living.

Top 23 Medical Benefits of Massage Chairs

Enhances your Mood

Anxiety affects more than 40 million Americans today, accounting for nearly 18 percent of the population. People suffering from anxiety disorders are three times more likely to seek medical attention and six times more likely to be hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder.

Enhances your Mood

A massage is best known for its ability to provide a calming and comforting effect to those who receive it. A massage chair replicates and improves on these benefits by incorporating real kneading massage, reflexology foot rollers, air compression, and heat.

The combined effect of all of these items is critical to reducing anxiety and stress and, as a result, lifting your mood. A massage chair is an ideal way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. You can only be the best version of yourself to those around you if you first feel great.

Increased Pliability and Flexibility

Some advanced massage chairs have been shown to significantly improve muscle and bone flexibility and strength through integrated stretch and pliability programs.

Many massage chairs were created with the help of chiropractors and physical therapists to create programs that have the greatest impact on your flexibility. Stretching programs should be used in the morning to maximize their effectiveness!

Encourage Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph fluids can accumulate in your body and cause inflammation and disease over time. When attempting to improve your health, it is critical to consider your lymphatic system. Massage chairs, when used in conjunction with stretching programs and vigorous massage styles, can aid in lymph drainage and reduce inflammation in the body.

Furthermore, using the zero gravity position in massage chairs can help to reduce inflammation and improve lymph drainage. Swollen feet, which can develop as a result of standing for long periods of time, are a prime example of this. Raising your feet during a foot massage can help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Improve Your Posture Significantly


One of the primary advantages of a massage chair is its ease of use. A massage chair is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and having the therapy available at all times makes it much easier to stay consistent with giving your body the care it requires.

The use of a massage chair on a regular basis can significantly improve your body posture when sitting or standing. This impact has been witnessed by our customers and our own use of the products!

Encourage Happiness and Calm

Regardless of how difficult your day has been, knowing you have an escape from the day-to-day pressures of life is a welcome feeling that can influence how you approach each and every day.

We’ve discovered that our customers enjoy the way their massage chairs make them feel and frequently recommend them to friends and family.

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Anxiety’s cousin is stress. We all experience stress in some form or another, and to some extent, stress is a natural and normal response to adversity. Excessive stress, on the other hand, can cause chronic anxiety, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, and chronically high cortisol levels, among other problems.

Massage chairs have been shown to reduce cortisol levels by up to 50%, which can improve feelings of well-being while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Enhance your Nighttime Routine

Blue light from digital devices has had a significant impact on our sleep patterns and nighttime routine. As a result, we experience constant fatigue and anxiety, which can affect every aspect of our lives.

Massage has been shown to have an effect on sleep patterns, and incorporating a massage chair into your life can have a significant impact on your nighttime routine.

Excellent for Post-Workout Therapy

Many of the programs in our massage chairs include post-workout therapy to help you recover faster. A good massage increases circulation and blood flow while also releasing lactic acid buildup from a long workout.

Enhance Your Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives, but we frequently fail to take the smallest steps to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Enhance Spinal Alignment

Improve Your Posture

Reducing muscle tension and maintaining poor posture can have long-term consequences for your spinal alignment. Improving spinal alignment can reduce both short-term pain and long-term chronic issues that can lead to more serious issues like back surgery.

While research on this topic is limited, anecdotally, we have found that massage chairs have a tremendous impact on back and joint pain.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Energy levels are linked to a plethora of behaviors that influence your day-to-day sense of health and vitality. A massage chair can help you improve your sense of health, well-being, energy, and vitality.

A massage chair has this effect on your energy by addressing many underlying causes of stress, anxiety, sleep disruption, pain, and joint pain, among other issues. Massage chairs have proven to be extremely effective at increasing general feelings of energy and vitality.

Increase the Flow of Oxygen to the Extremes

Using zero gravity positions and stretching programs can improve circulation to your arms and legs significantly. Massage therapy has been shown in studies to improve circulation to your extremities. The stimulation of the rollers against your muscle tissues helps to improve circulation and oxygen flow.

Muscle Loosening and Relaxation

Our muscles are all interconnected, and tension and pain can build up over time, resulting in complex and difficult-to-diagnose problems. Short-term treatment options do not address the underlying cause of muscle tension and pain.

A modern massage chair can help to relieve tension, break down muscle tissue, release lactic acid and toxins, improve circulation, and reduce secondary issues caused by tight and tense muscles.

Improved Circulation

circulatory system

A well-functioning circulatory system has a number of advantages for your health and well-being. The zero gravity position in massage chairs significantly reduces the stress load on your heart, which naturally slows your heart rate and helps you relax.

Massage also reduces stress and hypertension while promoting feelings of well-being.

Encourages Consistent Sleep Cycles

Consistent use of massage chairs has been shown to have a variety of effects on psychological and behavioral measures related to sleep quality. Deeper sleep, less tossing and turning, and subjective feelings of improved mood and acuity during the daytime were among the benefits.

Relieve Joint Pain

When deep touch pressure is applied continuously and regularly in a massage chair over time, it can result in a variety of benefits, including Increased Happiness * Better Sleep * Improved Ability to Deal with Stressful Situations * Increased Focus * Sense of Calm * Decreased Stress * Reduced Anxiety.

Blood Pressure Control

Massage chairs relieve stress by increasing oxygen levels, decreasing jitteriness, increasing oxytocin levels, and generally improving our sense of calm and well-being. While high blood pressure is not caused by a single behavior, regular massage can have a cascading effect on a number of aspects of your lifestyle that may affect your blood pressure.

Prevent Depression


Finding a way to relax and enjoy the process can be a very liberating experience. A number of our massage chairs act as a cocoon, shielding you from the stresses of everyday life that can have an impact on your mood.

Furthermore, studies have shown that massage chairs can lower cortisol levels and improve your nervous system’s parasympathetic response.

Improve your Immune System

Strong circulation, better sleep, lower stress levels, and a clean lymphatic system can all help your body’s natural defenses. Massage has been shown to boost your body’s natural immune system and resistance to illness.

Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety is a very common disorder in which chronically high levels of stress lead to a regular and chronic response to situations that trigger a response. Excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry can result in chronic, and in some cases debilitating stress.

A massage chair can be a very effective supplement to traditional medical therapy. We’ve seen the effect of a massage chair on some of our most chronically stressed customers. We strongly advise anyone suffering from chronic stress and anxiety to invest in a massage chair.

Relieve Headaches

Relieve Headaches

Neck pain, decreased flexibility and pliability, low circulation, constant stress, poor sleep patterns, and decreased flexibility and pliability all contribute to secondary symptoms such as headaches. Addressing the underlying causes of your headaches can eliminate the root cause and reduce or eliminate headaches that can be debilitating.

Encourage feelings of vitality

Stress is known to reduce vitality and physicality. Lack of circulation, low energy, disrupted sleep cycles, and impaired hormone response are all detrimental.

A massage chair massage on a regular basis can help with many of the underlying issues that influence feelings of virility and physicality. Many of our customers have discovered this to be an unexpected benefit of owning a massage chair.

Enhance Your Breathing Patterns

Breathing exercises have been shown to be an effective stress and anxiety reduction technique. Combining these breathing exercises with a massage chair can increase the exercise’s therapeutic effect and improve secondary stress-related symptoms.


Having a massage chair at home or work can be a good investment that pays dividends in wellness and a cheerful disposition, and in most cases, the benefits of massage chairs outweigh the disadvantages of not having one.

Again, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, we always recommend consulting with your doctor before using a massage chair. Massages are also a cost-effective and enjoyable way to manage a variety of health issues, as well as to maintain vitality and wellness.

Getting a massage is a wonderful way to start the day. Play your favorite music and allow your body to recharge for a new day. After a long day, unwind with a gentle massage to get rid of the day’s anxiety and soreness.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned more about the potential benefits of a massage chair.

Our recommended Massage Chairs of 2022

Real Relax Massage Chair


  • The dual-core S track robots hands rollers generate a more effective massage to neck stress and back pain than 8 points fixed back rollers.
  • Added smart voice control, choose and customize your massage without lifting a finger.
  • Altered remote control with a bigger LCD screen and clearer buttons, easier to use and more accessible.
  • One button zero gravity, feel ultimate relaxation when the chair is reclined.
  • Full body airbags compression on shoulders, arms, foot and hips, relive body pain and stress.

SMAGREHO 2021 New Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity


  • 2022 packaging version upgrade, from 3 to 2 boxes, easier to assemble and reduce the risk of transportation damage.
  • Zero-Gravity Design: Elevates your feet higher than your heart, minimizing the stress of gravity on your vertebrae, relieving back pain.
  • Full Body Massage: Air bags kneading massage, squeeze shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, combined with 8 massage rollers inside the backrest, heat therapy and foot roller massage, give you full body relaxing.
  • Multiple Massage Style: You can enjoy the full body massage by 6 automatic modes or customize which part, speed and strength you want to have best massage experience.
  • Humanization Design: Extendable footrest, moving rollers at the bottom of the chair and and the function of connecting music.

Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Bluetooth Heating and...


  • 2022 packaging version upgrade, from 3 to 2 boxes, easier to assemble and reduce the risk of transportation damage.
  • Zero gravity: after fully tilted, press the "zero gravity" button to reduce heart load and enjoy a comfortable massage.
  • Add your massage chair in the App, you can easily control the massage chair through your mobile phone.
  • ECHO intelligent voice control, you need an Echo device or the Alexa app, use your voice to control the massage chair after successful setup.
  • Full body massage: Airbags massage to shoulders, arms, hips, calves and foot. Lower back heating, 8 rollers to the backrest. Rollers and airbags massage speed can be adjustable.

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