How to Give a Great Neck Massage: 3 Easy Steps for Relief

Neck pain is the worst. It can make it difficult to do everyday tasks, like turn your head or get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are many ways to treat neck pain and one of them is giving someone a massage.

Massage therapy has been shown in research to reduce levels of stress hormones that cause pain by up to 60%. In this blog post, I will be teaching you three easy steps for giving an amazing neck massage.

How to Give a Great Neck Massage?

Step 1: Position Yourself

The first thing you want to do is find a great position. You should sit or stand behind your loved one and place both of your hands on the base of their neck, right below where it meets their shoulders. Make sure that your thumbs are tucked under the bones in this area so that they don’t apply too much pressure. You want to press up and slightly towards the spine so that your thumbs are pointing down on either side of your neck.

Step 2: Apply Pressure with Your Thumbs

Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale apply firm pressure using just your thumbs by pushing them into their muscles firmly but gently at first, and then release the pressure. Repeat this several times to help them relax and relieve tension in their muscles.

Step 3: Work Your Way Up the Neck with Fingertips

After you’ve used your thumbs for a few minutes, take one of your hands off of their neck and place it over top of where your other hand is applying pressure. Then, gently glide your fingertips up towards the base of their skull. You can do this a few times or until you feel them relax even more.

To make your massage even more effective, incorporate some of these tips:

  • Be sure to use lotion or oil for a slippery surface and to prevent their skin from becoming too dry.
  • Be sure to use firm pressure but not so much that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Make sure you take breaks in between massages to avoid overworking their muscles.
  • Give them a massage while you watch TV or listen to music together for extra relaxation.

What is the best position for giving a neck massage?

You may be able to give a neck massage while the person is sitting or standing, but it will probably work best if they lie down on their back. If this is not possible, have them sit in a recliner chair or lie on the couch.

There are many ways to do a neck massage. You can use your fingers, the palms of your hands, knuckles or elbows to give a neck massage. Use whichever body parts you prefer.

While it is possible to give a neck massage with oil, you do not need any special oils or substances. The person who has the massage can choose to use a little bit of lotion or oil, but it is not necessary.

It is more effective if you do something similar to the basic neck massage technique.

Where should you apply pressure when giving a neck massage?

You should try to apply as much pressure as feels natural. You will probably want to give a neck massage on the back of the neck and the shoulders, but you can also move out from there.

If the neck is stiff or sore in a specific spot, apply more pressure to that area.

Don’t be afraid to apply more pressure if the person receiving the neck massage wants it. You will want to avoid applying too much pressure.

What kind of movements are used when giving a neck massage?

You can use circular or kneading motions to give the neck massage. You may also do a combination of both.

Be gentle when giving a neck massage, but you will want to make sure the person gets adequate pressure.

Don’t just give a neck massage, but also pay attention to where the body is tense or what feels best. You may want to consider using your elbows to apply more pressure.

Be careful not to push too hard, but give the neck massage with as much focus and care as possible.

Where should you spend the most time when giving a neck massage?

You will want to make sure you move around and give attention to the entire neck when giving a neck massage.

Make sure you do not neglect any specific areas of the neck but pay attention to how much pressure you are using.

You will need to focus on areas that aren’t too stiff or painful, but also spend time where the person’s muscles feel especially stiff.

A good neck massage should not just feel relaxing, but also help to relieve tension in the muscles of the back and shoulders.

What do you use for lotion or oil?

The person receiving the neck massage can use lotion or oil, but it is not necessary to have any. If you do want to give a neck massage with oil, you will need to use a small amount.

The person receiving the neck massage may want to apply a little bit of lotion or oil themselves, but it is not necessary for you to use any.

What kind of lotion do you need?

You will not need any special lotion or oil. The person receiving the neck massage can choose to use a small amount of lotion, but it is not necessary.

Do not use things like baby oil to give a neck massage, as it can be too greasy and make the person uncomfortable.

Final Words:

If you follow the instructions above, you should be able to give a relaxing neck massage that your partner will definitely appreciate. Remember to focus on specific areas that feel the tensest, but also give attention to other areas that need to be massaged.

Don’t forget about any spots that might be easy to neglect when giving a neck massage.