Does Massage Chair Help Back Pain In-depth Guide

The majority of people consider massage chairs a luxury item. 

A massage chair is most certainly not required for daily living or for alleviating back discomfort. 

For some, the benefits of a massage chair may outweigh the cost.

Does Massage Chair Help Back Pain

Yes, a massage chair can help ease back pain. An excellent massage chair works by boosting blood flow to parts of your back that have been deficient in oxygen and nutrients. It is especially beneficial if you have muscle spasms; the heat generated by the massage chair will assist in minimizing the frequency of these spasms. This increased circulation and nutrient absorption will assist in relieving the back pain you are experiencing.

The following are some of how a massage chair can contribute to relieving backaches.

They Help to Alleviate Stress

Back soreness is frequently caused by your muscles and the skeletal system being too tight or overworked. 

An excellent massage chair works by increasing blood flow to areas of your back that have been depleted of oxygen and nutrients. 

It is especially beneficial if you have muscle spasms; the heat generated by the massage chair will assist in minimizing the frequency of these spasms. 

This increased circulation and nutrient absorption will assist in relieving the back discomfort you are experiencing.

As your muscles are all connected throughout your body, relieving tension in your back will also relieve tension in your neck, chest, and legs. 

Thus, massage chairs can help alleviate back pain and headaches, as excess stress is a typical cause of headaches.

Your Skeletal System Could Possibly Improve

When your muscles are stretched, the tension on your skeleton is increased as well.

Occasionally, the strain from overly stiff muscles can cause your bones to be dragged out of their natural positions, causing discomfort and suffering. 

Massage chairs can stretch stiff muscles, and relaxing them helps your skeletal system relax, too.

Eliminating this stress will aid with spinal cord alignment, which is a common cause of back discomfort.

They Are Trustworthy

When it comes to any improvement, the most critical tools for success are practice and consistency. 

Whatever you want to say about computers, they can perform the same task numerous times with little opportunity for error. 

With massage chairs, you know what to expect, and you can get a massage at the same time each day, which helps with your back pain.

While a massage chair may appear to be more expensive initially, investing in a high-quality chair can significantly cost savings over time. 

Not only can you relieve back pain, but you can also read a book or watch television while doing so!

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Do massage chairs help ease back pain and muscle tension

Why Does My Back Hurt After Using A Massage Chair?

Massage treatment has numerous benefits, including stress reduction and relief from persistent and chronic physical pain. 

However, your first time on your massage chair may lead you to experience agony.

When this occurs, various factors must be considered, including if your body is accustomed to being worked up to release muscular tension.

Furthermore, you can consider dehydration and an insufficient warm-up as possible causes of the pain.

In general, as long as no other serious underlying condition exists, the temporary pain is a normal part of your body’s response to the massage chair’s therapy of your tissues and muscles.

It’s also possible that the massage chair you bought isn’t a suitable fit for your needs.

Can I Use A Massage Chair Every Day?

For best success in relieving lower back, neck, or shoulder pain, you should use your massage chair around three to four times each week.

If you’re utilizing the chair to relieve tension or relax, once to three times per week is enough.

 You can also choose a softer, shorter massage if you believe your conduct is being affected by stress.

It’s also vital to realize that the time and frequency with which you utilize your chair might be affected by your physique and overall health. 

For instance, for neck, shoulder, or lower back pain, fifteen minutes three or four times a week on a full body massage chair is sufficient.

Utilize the built-in timers to assist you in staying on track and avoiding excessive use of your massage chair.

Additionally, suppose you’re exploring a massage chair to treat back pain, other muscular pain, or a specific muscle condition.

In that case, you should always consult your physician. 

This is particularly true for pregnant women, have chronic diseases or have recently been injured.

You should discuss any health disorders you may have, such as heart disease, low blood pressure, or blood clotting, because a massage can affect them. 

Your physician will determine the most effective use of a chair in your conditions.

Best Massage Chairs For Back Pain Relief

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B00BPE533E” disable_features=1]

The Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus massage chair is the best massage chair available. It incorporates cutting-edge technology while also addressing issues you may have overlooked. It is meant to deliver maximum comfort and Therapeutic Massage on a medical-grade level.


  • Noise Reduction Technology – increase the benefits of full relaxation. This chair successfully eliminates noise, allowing you to fully experience all of its therapeutic benefits. After all, you cannot receive an excellent massage if you are always concerned about the creaking or shifting noises associated with many massage chairs.
  • Customizable Massage Intensity and Experience – in an attempt to replicate a genuine human massage, this chair recliner features six massage zones with adjustable intensity. Furthermore, you can pause and resume your Massage at any moment.


  • Advanced foot massage technique.
  • Stretching feature for the body.
  • Bluetooth speakers of exceptional quality.
  • Smart controls.


  • Inadequate customer service.
  • Quite costly.


Luraco i7 Plus is an excellent chair. It’s extremely therapeutic and easily adaptable to your own needs. You’ll appreciate the premium features and high-quality technologies that have been incorporated into this product. However, it is quite expensive, and the customer service is not helpful.

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Don’t let the price mislead you. The Kahuna LM6800 massage chair is one of the most feature-rich models available. This Kahuna is the perfect zero gravity chair on a budget. This is a feature that is often reserved for higher-end models. Even if you find it for a reasonable price, it is frequently of poor quality. Fortunately, the Kahuna LM-6800 provides an outstanding zero-gravity experience.


  • Yoga Stretching – yoga’s benefits are limitless. Not everyone, however, has the time, space, or flexibility necessary to do good yoga stretches. You’ll like the yoga feature on this chair, which assists in relieving back discomfort and muscular stress.
  • Three-Stage Zero Gravity — The majority of low-cost zero-gravity chairs have only one position. This shiatsu model has three zero gravity positions, each of which unlocks a deeper back massage.


  • Numerous positions of zero gravity
  • Technological advancements in body scanning
  • Massage using high-tech air cells
  • Remote holders that are convenient
  • Space-saving


  • For some individuals, the Massage may be excessively vigorous.


The LM6800 is an excellent pick if you’re looking for a feature-rich yet reasonably priced massage machine. You’ll adore the chair’s several zero-gravity recline positions and high-tech massaging capabilities.