Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight

As people become more health-conscious, they realize that calorie burning is an effective way to lose weight. Burning calories does not always imply being healthy, but when combined with a well-balanced diet, it is an excellent way to help manage weight. There have been rumors that using massage chairs can help you lose weight. Let’s get this out of the way right away.

Do Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight? Yes, but not sufficiently to make a significant difference. It does not burn enough calories to assist you in losing the excess weight you desire. Other health advantages of massage chairs may lead to a healthier lifestyle.

To burn a significant number of calories, you must put in the effort. This usually entails raising your heart rate, challenging your normal breathing, and breaking out in a cold sweat.

To maintain and manage weight, a well-designed exercise routine, in addition to a well-rounded diet, is a great place to start. If your goal is to lose weight and you only use a massage chair for calorie burning, you will be disappointed.

We’ll go over the benefits of a massage chair and how to use other forms of exercise to meet your calorie-burning goals further down.

What kind of massage is most effective for weight loss?

All messages, including those from a chair, help to reduce stress and stimulate the digestive organs. They may also aid in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite due to their effect on healthy lymphatic flow.

Some massages, however, may have a slightly greater impact on overall metabolism than others. A professional massage therapist can provide more precision than the generalized mechanisms of an electronic chair. Better yet, have a live massage therapist bring a chair to you!

A lymphatic massage is one of the most effective massages for promoting weight loss. This massage is designed to promote healthy lymphatic flow by manually moving and pumping lymph throughout the body.

Our lymphatic system is in charge of removing toxins and wastes from our bodies, and this flow can become clogged at times.

A massage therapist will use gentle circular techniques on the skin’s superficial layers to move and drain the lymph throughout the system. This can help you look less swollen, eliminate toxicity in the system, and ultimately help you lose weight by improving metabolism.

How stress reduction can benefit your health and weight loss?

Some people who have no other outlets for their stress may resort to emotional eating. Stress eating can lead to serious complications such as weight gain and chronic fatigue. Lowering your stress levels is critical if you want to burn calories for weight loss.


Cortisol is a hormone produced by adrenal glands, which are special glands in our bodies. They sit on top of each kidney, and once released into our bodies, they play critical roles in various bodily functions. Specific symptoms can occur when we have too much cortisol in our system.

Symptoms of excess cortisol:

  • Increased body weight
  • Weakness of Muscles
  • Moods fluctuate. This could manifest itself as depression or anxiety.
  • Blood pressure that is too high
  • heightened thirst and urination

There are some natural ways to keep stress at bay. When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, everything is interconnected. To have a positive impact on your life, you must adopt and maintain a variety of lifestyle habits.

Developing a healthy, well-balanced diet is one of the most effective ways to not only reduce stress but also manage weight.

Exercising is also an excellent tool for reducing stress, but it must be done in moderation. Any high-intensity workouts may increase cortisol levels in your system, and proper cool-down techniques will be required to help restore the body to its optimal levels.

A massage can also help reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone, in your body. This is another chemical in your body that can aid in overall happiness and well-being.

All of these play an important role in reducing stress, which leads to weight loss or management. They are just as important as calorie burning.

Other Weight-loss activities

young woman measuring her thin waist

When it comes to dealing with stress, float tanks are an invaluable tool. Lying in a float tank will not burn four thousand calories, but it may help you relax. This allows you to block out all external stimuli and allow internal stimuli to consume your mind, and the reduction in stress may aid in the reduction of unhealthy food cravings.

It not only helps you disconnect from the outside world, but it can also increase endorphins throughout your body. All of these feel-good, happy chemicals coursing through your body will promote a general sense of well-being. When you are calm and relaxed, you become more aware of your eating habits and are more likely to break the cycle.

What are the other medical advantages of massage chairs?

Any type of massage, whether from a massage therapist or from a massage chair, can be extremely beneficial to one’s health. Massage can improve circulation and lymphatic flow, which can have a huge health impact, especially when combined with a regular workout routine.

It can reduce the risk of impaired circulation by efficiently moving blood and fluids throughout the body. Inadequate flow can aggravate pain and make a regular exercise routine unappealing. Not only can it make exercise difficult, but it can also have an effect on your overall brain health and cause cognitive issues.

woman receiving back massage

Proper blood flow throughout the body can assist a healthy metabolism in remaining high enough to allow you to burn calories throughout the day, even after your workout. Combining a massage chair (and possibly a healthy steam/sauna) with a well-planned exercise routine and diet is an excellent way to maximize the benefits of your massage chair.

Furthermore, regular massage on a massage chair or table can help reduce stress. When you are stressed and it is not managed properly, it can result in higher cortisol levels, which can increase your appetite.

You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn. Finding ways to reduce stress on a regular basis will help you maintain your weight loss goals, and a massage chair can be a valuable tool in your arsenal.

Conclusion on Massage Chairs and Weight Loss

Because of their stress-relieving abilities, massage chairs can aid in weight loss. It has the potential to provide fantastic health benefits by reducing inflammation and increasing lymphatic flow. Combining this with a healthy diet and a well-rounded workout routine will yield the best results.

Find a float tank, infrared sauna, or steam room near you if you want to try something new that may also help burn calories and promote weight loss. A float tank is also known as a deprivation tank. All of these activities are excellent for unwinding while also burning calories to aid in weight management.

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