Do Massage Chair Burn Calories and Help in Losing Weight?

The majority of people understand that there is no simple formula for weight loss. It’s just a matter of portion control and moderation for some foods. Similarly, you must have a strategy for calorie burning to melt fat.

However, the notion has recently surfaced that massage chairs will help you burn calories. The following are the pertinent facts about the procedure.

Do Massage Chair Burn Calories?

Yes, but not really enough to make a noticeable difference. If you’re using massage chairs to lose weight, you must be practical. It does not burn enough calories to assist you in losing the excess weight you need. 

There are additional health benefits associated with massage chairs that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

However, You can use chairs for other benefits aside from massaging, including the ability to de-stress the body to allow better blood flow, particularly after you have completed a tough workout.

How To Burn Extra Calories without Doing Any Extensive Workout?

Burn Extra Calories without Doing Any Extensive Workout

An individual can lose ten pounds in a year by cutting 100 calories per day. That is equal to ten tubs of Crisco. Let’s find some ways to burn out more calories.

At Office

New research has been published that examines the risks of prolonged sitting. According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists now conclude that “excessive sitting can be so taxing on our physical health that even vigorous exercise once a day may not be enough to offset the detrimental effects.”

However, when seated at your desk, you can burn calories by fidgeting, such as tapping toes, moving around, or fussing with your hands. 

This will result in an additional 800 calories burned every day, the equivalent of an hour-long spin class.

At Home
Cooking consumes approximately 150 calories per hour! You will burn up to half of the food you eat for dinner simply by cooking it!

After dinner, 30 minutes spent loading the dishwasher burns 105 calories, while hand washing them consumes 160 calories.

Additionally, you can burn 72 calories while doing laundry. And ironing for 30 minutes burns approximately 70 calories and tones the upper body muscles. [1]

Straighten your posture and firmly press down on the ironing board. Or sometimes switch hands to avoid an overdevelopment of one arm.

How Many Calories Are Burned in an Hour-Long Massage?

Calories Burned in an Hour

To calculate the number of calories burned during any exercise, one must consider one’s body composition, age, overall health, and the strength and length of the activity. 

Muscles consume more energy than fat, so a more muscular masseuse can consume more calories than a non-working masseuse. 

Additionally, administering a vigorous massage burns more calories than helping a slower, surface-level massage.

Massage Provider

Calculate the calories burned when offering a massage using a calorie counter that considers your weight and amount of exercise. 

For instance, the USDA’s SuperTracker for calories estimates that a 34-year-old female weighing 160 pounds burns approximately 289 calories giving a one-hour massage.

Massage Recipient

Regardless of the activity, the body burns calories — even sleeping burns calories. Receiving a massage is comparable to sleeping in that the recipient lies relatively still. 

According to, sleeping burns approximately 0.42 calories per pound of bodyweight per hour. At this pace, an hour-long massage would burn approximately 67 calories for a 160-pound person.

What Health Benefits Do Massage Chairs provide?

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs 1

Whether performed by a massage therapist or in a massage chair, any massage can have significant health benefits. A massage can improve circulation and lymphatic flow, which can significantly benefit your health, particularly when combined with a daily workout routine.

It can help reduce the risk of impaired circulation by efficiently transporting blood and fluids across the body. Inadequate flow can worsen pain and make maintaining a daily exercise routine difficult. 

Not only does poor circulation make exercise more difficult, but it can also affect your overall brain health and cause cognitive problems.

Proper blood flow in the body will aid in maintaining a healthy metabolism, allowing you to burn calories throughout the day and after your workout. 

Combining a massage chair (and possibly a balanced steam/sauna) with a well-planned workout regimen and diet is an excellent way to maximize the massage chair’s benefits.

Not only that, but getting massages on a massage chair or table will help alleviate tension. When you are depressed and do not treat it properly, it can increase cortisol levels, boosting your appetite. 

You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn. Finding new ways to relieve stress regularly can help you achieve your weight loss goals, and a massage chair can be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Which Massage Technique Is Most Effective For Weight Loss?

Massage Technique For Weight Loss

All messages, including those from a chair, help to alleviate tension and stimulate the digestive organs. Furthermore, they can reduce cellulite appearance due to their effect on healthy lymphatic flow. 

However, some massages can have a small advantage over others in terms of overall metabolism. To obtain more precision than an electronic chair’s simplified mechanisms can provide, you can consult a licensed massage therapist. Or, even better, have a live massage therapist bring a chair to you!

A lymphatic massage is one of the most effective types of massage for promoting weight loss. This massage promotes balanced lymphatic flow by manually moving and pumping the lymphatic fluid around the body. 

Our lymphatic system is in charge of eliminating contaminants and wastes throughout our bodies, and this process can become clogged at times.

A massage therapist will use soft circular strokes on the superficial layers of the skin to gradually pass and drain the lymphatic system. 

This will make you less bloated, eliminate toxicity from your system, and eventually assist you in losing excess weight by improving your metabolism.

Massage Chairs And Calorie Burning In Conclusion

Massage chairs can help people lose weight due to their stress-relieving properties. It can facilitate fantastic health benefits by assisting in the reduction of inflammation and the increase in lymphatic flow. 

Combining this with a safe diet and a well-balanced exercise schedule will provide the best results. If you want to try something different that might also help you burn calories and encourage weight loss, look for a float tank, infrared sauna, or steam room near you. 

A float tank is also referred to as a deprivation tank. All of these activities are excellent ways to unwind and help lose calories to aid in weight management.