Best Massage Chair For Arthritis

Arthritis can be painful, frustrating, and debilitating. If your arthritis is affecting your quality of life, you might want to consider getting an arthritis massage chair. 

If you’re not sure what kind of arthritis massage chair is best, we’ve got you covered. We’ve conducted hours of research, talked to medical experts, and tested 15 different chairs. Our top pick is the Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair

It offers a ton of great benefits. It has a heating function, as well as a massage function and a vibrating function. It also has a multifunction remote that makes it very easy to use. 

If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable, and effective massage chair, you can’t go wrong with the Kyota M673 Massage Chair. 

Here are our top picks for massage chairs for arthritis:

Comparison of Top Massage Chairs for Arthritis: Cost, Comfort, Durability, and More

1. Kyota M673 Kenko Massage Chair

The Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair is one of the best massage chairs we’ve tested. This is in large part due to its top-of-the-line Zero Gravity reclining technology, which uses a patented four-node massaging mechanism with three moving massage nodes to massage your back, neck, arms, and legs simultaneously. 

The head and feet position can be independently adjusted and have multiple massage modes. The back position is adjustable up to 90 degrees, and the footrest position can be independently adjusted. It also has a heat setting, which can be added to the calf or the lumbar massage. 

The chairs themselves feel like premium furniture and feature foam padded armrests, lumbar support, and advanced reclining mechanisms. The massage rollers are big and wide, and the deep tissue massage works well on sore spots, particularly in the lower back and upper thighs accessories are well made and, at less than 1,000 pounds, are relatively easy to move around your garage or den. The back function helps relieve back pain and tightness, while the sole massage unit of the calf is a welcomed addition.


  •  3 massage modes
  •  Wireless speakers
  •  3D zero gravity technology
  •  Extra Long calf reflexology foot rollers
  •  Arm, neck, and shoulder massagers
  •  Remote control
  •  3hour automatic shutdown mode
  •  Long battery life


  •  Heavy assembly instructions
  •  No comforts for taller people
  •  Not ideal for tall people

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2. Osaki ProOmni Massage Chair

The Osaki LTrack ProOmni massage chair is our pick for the best massage chair for pain relief. This massage chair is the epitome of comfort. Among all of the massage chairs we’ve tested, the Osaki LTrack massage chair offers the best massage experience, hands down. 

The zero gravity massage is unmatched. When you recline into the Zero Gravity position, the chair actually elevates your feet, providing for a full-body massage experience. Other massage chair manufacturers claim that their chairs are in zero gravity but they won’t actually elevate your feet at the necessary height. 

The Osaki LTrack massage chair is truly in zero gravity. The L-Track massage roller reaches from the base of your neck, all the way down your back, and then wraps underneath the glutes reaching to your upper hamstrings. 

This L-Track is 50 in length so the chair will fit people up to 6 2 inches in height. The L-Track massage roller travels in an L Shape. The massage roller is able to give you a deeper and better massage. The massage roller is able to reach your back in a way no other massage chair can. 

The chair also features 30 airbags located at your shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet. The Osaki OSPro Omni has the next generation airbags that are streamlined to reduce the number of working parts while increasing the surface area over previous designs. 

This massage chair is equipped with not one but two heating pads. These heating pads are located behind the calves. They apply heat therapy to the lumbar area. The heat helps to relax your muscles and increases your core body temperature increasing circulation. 

The massage chair also has Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music on a high-quality speaker on the headrest. The massage chair is simply the most comfortable massage chair we’ve ever tested.


  •  2.8 GHz wireless frequency
  •  2 heating zones plus 8 vibration zones
  •  Builtin 51 (5 massage techniques) auto massage system
  •  5 point massage
  •  8 vibration intensity levels
  •  Anti Skid base
  •  360-degree swivel


  •  Adjustments must be done manually

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3. FOREVER REST Cyber MON Massage Chair

The FR6KSL is a very comfortable and reasonably priced massage chair that combines high-quality massage with features you’d expect from much more expensive chairs. In particular, it’s nice that there’s a well-programmed zero gravity position that automatically returns to upright without requiring you to press a button. 

It also has several modes of massage that are designed to mimic more traditional massage therapists, including kneading, compression, tapping, and rolling. The lumbar and calf airbags are a nice touch, providing targeted relief for tense muscles and pressure points (in combination with an ottoman, they can also be used to soothe sore feet). 

The chair itself is sturdy, though we do wish its footrest were a bit higher—at least 6 to 7 inches higher—to accommodate taller people. The chair is a little on the heavy side, and in our tests, it tended to rock a little bit from side to side when configured in zero gravity mode. 

The automatic leg and foot rollers are great on sore feet, and the chair’s heating and massage settings are reasonably effective. The built-in Bluetooth speakers are a nice touch, and they’ve held up well over a year in our tests. The only feature we really wish was included is the remote voice control. 


  •  Great massage features
  •  Comfortable seat
  •  Responsive control
  •  Intelligent massage features


  •  Expensive
  •  Not ideal for all body types

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4. Mynta Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced massage chair that doesn’t skimp on features, the Mynta SLTrack is a solid option. It has seven automatic programs, two customizable ones, two zero gravity positions, and an automatic 30-minute timer. 

The roller and airbag functions are well implemented, and unlike other chairs in this price range, this model includes a foot roller, so your feet can work the kinks out while you’re relaxing. The headrest is adjustable and removable, so you can personalize your massage session. 

The control panel and seat controls are located on the back of the chair, so they’re out of the way when reclining. The massage is pleasant overall, but not among our best picks. The seat feels a little flimsy and the seat tilt mechanism feels loose, so if you’re a light average weight, you’ll probably want to choose a model with better padding. 

The armrests aren’t as well designed as others in this class, but they get the job done. A longer warranty, better padding, better software, and better quality construction would make this chair an even better value.


  •  11 massage modes
  •  Bluetooth
  •  3D track
  •  Airbags
  •  Foot rollers


  •  Limited warranty
  •  No zero height adjustments
  •  Some users claim its uncomfortable

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5. iRest SL Track Massage Chair

The iRest SL Track is the top massage chair in its price range, and it easily beats out the rest of the competition. It’s a well constructed chair with tons of motors, airbags, and message settings, as well as the ability to massage your back, spine, calves, and feet simultaneously. 

What’s more, it’s easy to set up, easy to use and delivers an effective massage. The chair is also designed with durable parts that are designed to last, and it has an easy clean design. Though it does not splash or water resistant, it still splashes and is wipeable, making it a good option for indoor use. 

Our favorite thing about this chair is that, unlike most chairs that cost twice as much, the dual massage rollers permit each roller to massage separately, so you get a deeper massage. This chair delivers a great massage that will leave your back feeling relaxed and free from tension. If you’re on a budget and looking for a massage chair, the iRest SL Track is of great value.


  •  The comfortable, relaxed seating position
  •  Zero gravity
  •  Powerful airbags
  •  Heating option


  •  Difficult to install (wireless remote)

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