Can Cosmetologists Do Massage?

It is a common misconception that cosmetologists are limited to providing beauty treatments such as haircuts, styling, and facials. However, many cosmetologists are also qualified to provide massage services. In this article, we will explore what a cosmetologist can actually do and whether they are capable of providing massage services.

What Services Do Cosmetologists Provide?

Cosmetologists are generally trained and certified to perform a variety of beauty treatments on their clients. These may include hair cutting, coloring, styling, makeup application, and facial treatments. Cosmetologists may also provide skin care advice and product recommendations. These are the typical services provided by cosmetologists, but some may also offer body treatments and massage services, depending on the particular salon or spa.

Can Cosmetologists Do Massage?

The answer to this question depends on the particular cosmetologist, as well as the salon or spa they work for. Some cosmetologists may be trained and certified to provide massage services, while others may not. Generally, a cosmetologist must be certified by the state to provide massage services in addition to cosmetology services[1]. This certification requires additional training and education in massage therapy.

What Types of Massage Can a Cosmetologist Provide?

The types of massage that a cosmetologist can provide will depend on their specific training and certification. Most cosmetologists are trained to provide basic Swedish massage, which is a light to medium pressure massage that promotes relaxation. The warming and kneading techniques used in Swedish massage provide a soothing experience that can reduce muscle tension and improve circulation.

In addition to Swedish massage, some cosmetologists may also be certified to provide deep tissue massage, sports massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy massage[1]. However, it is important to note that the types of massage offered by a cosmetologist will depend on their individual certifications and training.

What Are the Benefits of a Massage from a Cosmetologist?

The benefits of a massage from a cosmetologist can vary depending on the type of massage provided. However, in general, a massage from a cosmetologist can provide many of the same benefits as a massage from a massage therapist. Some of these benefits include improved circulation, stress relief, relaxation, and pain relief.

For those seeking beauty treatments, a massage from a cosmetologist can provide additional benefits. Massage can help to improve the appearance of the skin by boosting circulation, which can improve the health and look of the skin.


In conclusion, cosmetologists can indeed provide massage services in addition to the usual beauty treatments. Whether a cosmetologist is certified to provide massage services will depend on their individual training and certification. Generally, cosmetologists can provide Swedish massage and other forms of massage depending on their certifications. Massage from a cosmetologist can provide many of the same benefits as a massage from a massage therapist, as well as additional benefits for those seeking beauty treatments.