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/ Best Massage Chairs That will Ease Your Life in 2021

Best Massage Chairs That will Ease Your Life in 2021

Want to experience the comfort of a massage? Then you must take a look at the best massage chairs for your home. I’ve gone through some of the most popular massage chairs, and I’ve identified the best for you.

It’s important to understand that the best massage chairs for your home will vary depending on your budget, how many people you plan on spending time with them, and the overall comfort you’re looking for.

So, let’s start this review by taking a look at some of the best massage chairs of 2021 for your home.

What are the Best Massage Chairs in 2021?

The three of the best massage chairs that you should prefer are Real Relax,  RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] and  Kahuna LM6800. All these massage chairs are full of features.

In addition, the vast range of features in these massage chairs makes them perfect for every kind of people. Here you will also learn about the other best massage chairs and their features.


Real RelaxOverall Best Massage Chairs

  • 3 Zero Gravity Positions
  • 2 Areas For Heat
  • Affordable Price

RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus]Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Reasonably priced
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • 3-year warranty

Kahuna LM6800 Best Affordable and Budget Massage Chair

  • Great warranty
  • Incredible value for money
  • Unrivaled massages

BestMassage Full Body Massage ChairBest for Home and Office

  • comfortable to sit on and nice-looking
  • easy to install and use
  • great for guests

Nouhaus ClassicBest Massage Chair For A Small Space

  • Attractive
  • Compact
  • Effective for a low-key back massage

Overall Best Massage Chair Reviews of 2021

Here you will get in-depth knowledge about each of the Best Massage Chair. This section will reveal the performance, features, pros and cons of all the Top Massage Chair of 2021.


  • 3 Zero Gravity Positions
  • 2 Areas For Heat
  • Comes with Wheels
  • Affordable Price
  • Can Be Reclined Without the Massage


  • Roller Back Massage Can Be Strong
  • Not For Very Short Or Tall People

Real Relax is the dark horse in the realm of massage chairs. Word of mouth circulated steadily, and soon it was the most common massage chair sold online.

There are three really exciting aspects of the Real Relax massage chair. The first one is the price. It’s very cheap. The next one is features. Despite the unbeatable price, it continues to offer a lot of functionality that you might usually anticipate from more luxurious chairs.

It has zero gravity technology, full-body airbags, foot rollers, lumbar heating, 4 auto relaxation programs, and intuitive remote control. You may also tailor the massage to the various parts of your body.

And eventually, the customer ratings of the massage chair were very high and stayed optimistic in the years to come.

Top Features:

  • 8 massage rollers, Advanced high definition VFD display screen.
  • 50 airbags placed in the shoulder, arms, seat, and legs
  • Built-in heater  in the seat to help improve circulation and boost metabolism
  • Exclusive Armrest link system to give your arms comfort when reclined
  • Footrests extend for maximum comfort of all users
  • 4 auto programs with varied massaging speed and strength or manual program where user can customize the massage experience
  • Installation video and detailed user manual to provide quick and easy assembly
  • Weight Capacity: 440.9 pounds
  • 1-year warranty

Product Specification:

BrandReal Relax
Item Dimensions LxWxH34 x 30 x 63 inches
VoltageAC 110V
Power100 Watts

What Our Reviewer Said About This Chair:

This chair is fantastic. I’ve used different massage chairs that hurt when they massaged, but this one is very soft but effective. The air that squeezes your body, particularly your legs, can feel uncomfortable, yet it feels amazing to me. 

This is an excellent purchase that I would recommend to anyone looking. If you’ve ever used the ones at Planet Fitness, this one is a tenth of the price.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Zero gravity positioning
  • 3-year warranty
  • Full-Body Stretching
  • Heated massage feature
  • Hip massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • FDA-approved
  • 4 Automatic Massage Programs
  • L-Track System


  • It is quite bulky
  • Not space-efficient
  • Foot rollers may be too intense
  • Requires assembly
  • Very few massage styles

The RelaxOnChair MK-II PLUS Massage Chair is a high-end zero-gravity massage chair with integrated heating that is suitable for deep tissue massage. It is a popular choice for clients looking for massage chair alternatives that incorporate cutting-edge therapeutic technology for the maximum user experience.

The L-track system included in it is intended to gently support the user’s body during the massage, resulting in a more effective massage. It is a four-wheel roller trail that is contoured to the user’s body, providing support from the neck to the spine, under the seat, and to the buttocks. 

The design ensures that each individual spine of the body is decompressed through a series of vertical movements, leaving users feeling refreshed and relaxed.

It has a Zero-gravity feature that is a technique that lifts the feet to the same level as the heart and distributes the user’s weight evenly throughout the body during a massage. There are three distinct levels to assist in minimizing strain on your spine at various intensities.

Air Bag Massage technology features an extremely unusual design that covers most of the surface area with the fewest possible airbags. The airbags are programmed to inflate independently, twisting and stretching the body. 

As a result, the customer receives a high-quality massage that leaves them feeling rejuvenated and refilled

Top Features:

  • Computer body scan info
  • Backrest reclines and footrest position adjustment
  • Heating function enabled/disabled
  • Massage technique selected
  • Massage roller direction
  • Massage roller width adjustment
  • Air massage intensity level
  • Massage roller zone adjustment
  • Massage roller position on the body
  • Countdown massage timer
  • Automatic massage program selected small-Space Friendly Design

Product Specification:

Item Dimensions LxWxH52 x 32 x 46 inches
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Net Weight183 lbs.
Item Width32 inches
Wall Clearance12 inches

What Our Reviewer Said About This Chair:

I work out a lot, do a lot of heavy lifting around the house, and have a highly stressful job, so this is a stress reliever. I had already experienced the benefits of a massage chair because my father purchased a very decent quality massage chair 20 years ago and I got to use it anytime I visited, so I had expectations.

I started looking at chairs and came across the Relaxonchair, which had nearly all of the same characteristics as the TruMedic (that cost nearly $4000) but was half the price. The chair was pretty simple to assemble after it has arrived, but it is somewhat heavy. 

I first tried one of the pre-programmed settings and loved it, but I discovered that creating a massage by selecting individual parameters was incredible! You can change the style, speed, and intensity to generate the exact sensation your body needs at the time. Overall, a superb massage chair for the money.


  • Great warranty
  • Incredible value for money
  • Unrivaled massages
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • FDA registered as a medical device


  • Might not fit in small rooms
  • 2D massage rollers instead of 3D or 4D

The Kahuna LM-6800 is equipped with almost everything necessary to make it one of the best budget massage recliners on the market. In addition, this budget-friendly chair type from Kahuna includes a slew of enticing features that are common on any massage recliner.

It is a space-saving model with a choice of six distinct health massage auto programs. Combining the L-track massage technology with heat results in thorough massages from the neck to the glutes. 

It aids in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in certain areas. Additionally, it provides three levels of intensity for the same. Finally, the zero-gravity feature offers three seated positions for an incredible sense of anti-gravity.

This promotes blood flow and circulation throughout the body, increases lung capacity, and relaxes the entire body. In addition, this shiatsu massage chair features 36 adjustable airbags that massage the entire body, including the shoulders, arms, feet, and calves.

The yoga stretch feature elongates your spine, hamstrings, and upper body. Furthermore, it features dual foot rollers, a vibrating seat, and a Full Body Scan.

The best feature of this model is that it is four times less expensive than the top massage chairs on the market and comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Additionally, the FDA has certified it as a medical device.

Top Features:

  • Three Zero Gravity Positions
  • All-in-one Full-body massage with 36 Air Bag Massagers
  • 6 automatic massage programs
  • 4-rollers with L-track massage system
  • 3 Levels of speed and pressure adjustments
  • Quick Heating Technology: Back and Legs
  • Stretchable & Flexible Footrest for any height
  • Buttock Roller Massage
  • The yoga program stretches the whole body vertically while holds shoulders and push to stretch out shoulder blades and neck
  • Light legs tilting improves twisted pelvic
  • Built-in Castor for easy movement

Product Specification:

BrandKahuna Massage Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH46 x 31 x 48 inches

What Our Reviewer Said About This Chair:

I did a lot of research on Zero gravity chairs because I didn’t want to pay a lot of money but I was willing to if it meant I got everything I wanted. So I was taking a chance with this chair because the lower cost made me concerned about the quality. I’m happy I got this.

So far, the L-shaped massage on this chair is indeed outstanding. It seems to be quite excellent. When it’s reclining, it rolls forward so it doesn’t have to be so far away from the wall, which is great because it’s so enormous. Inside one of the armholes, there’s a handy small bag for the remote. I saw some reviews that complained about the odor, but I don’t notice it when I sit in the chair.

The biggest disadvantage of this chair is that it only has 15-minute sessions. Some internet sources claim that the Yoga mode features a 30-minute timer, but this is not accurate. Every 14 minutes, the chair beeps to let you know it’s almost over, and every 15 minutes, you’ll need to totally reconfigure your seating posture.

The only other disadvantage I can think of is that my arms occasionally fall out of the arm airbag location due to the shoulder bags pushing them out. I’ve noticed that I need to sit in a specific way to keep them from slipping out, but occasionally you simply relax too much and they naturally come out.

What We Like

  • great back, shoulder, butt, leg, foot massage
  • comfortable to sit on and nice-looking
  • easy to install and use
  • great for guests

What Need Improvement

  • The heat function is weak.
  • Can’t judge durability yet.

Many massage chairs focus on providing heat to your lower back; however, this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair also provides heat to the soles of your feet. It is supposed to assist improve circulation by drawing inspiration from Chinese heat therapy.

With a variety of settings to pick from, you can truly customize your massage, choosing from a variety of massage types such as kneading, tapping, and, of course, shiatsu. In addition, it supports your lower back by positioning 21 airbags around your hips and waistline.

As with the Relaxonchair, it features built-in sensors that measure the length of your spine and pinpoint the precise location of the most pleasurable massage. This chair is not made of genuine leather and does have a ‘cheaper’ appearance compared to other chairs. However, the quality and finish were lauded.

For a lower price, less than $1000, it delivers many features, which has made it a popular choice among customers. Indeed, one customer said that it was the optimal investment for both health and comfort.

Top Features:

  • SL track frame structure: stretches the spine to increase blood flow to the vertebrae.
  • Airbag massage: provide deep relaxation.
  • Space-saving: only requires 3cm during the position transition.
  • Blue tooth speaker: enjoy music while massaging.
  • Smart body scanning: selection of individual massage programs by scanning the body.
  • Back heating: helps relaxing sore muscles
  • 6 Auto program relax your body.
  • Calf massage & feet rollers.

Product Specification:

MaterialLeather & Suede
Item Dimensions LxWxH55 x 42 x 35 inches

What Our Reviewer Said About This Chair:

When it comes to the ratio of good to bad reviews, most of the ratings on this chair were positive. However, I have to say that the chair’s features and appearance are just what I was looking for. It appears to be a high-end recliner and a good piece of furniture, and it looks great in my family room. In addition, I like the style and construction of the chair.

I purchased it a week ago and have used it every day since then, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made for me. I suffer chronic back and neck pain and foot pain from being on my feet all day at work. 

I can’t believe how much it has healed my feet. They no longer hurt, and I can get through my day almost pain-free. My back begins to hurt towards the end of the day; I come home, sit in my chair for 20 minutes, and the pain is gone. 

This is a tremendous deal for me. I’m delighted I bought it. It was well worth the money. It takes up little space and looks fantastic in my living area.

I’ve had my chair for almost a year now, and I still love it. I’ve had no problems with it, and I use it practically every day. This chair was well worth the money, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

What We Like

  • Attractive
  • Compact
  • Effective for a low-key back massage
  • Great for a small space
  • Easy to set up

What Need Improvement

  • No lumbar heat
  • Very expensive for size and function

Nouhaus’s Classic Massage Chair with Ottoman is one of the Best Massage Chairs For A Small Space. This chair not only won several awards, including one for “Incomparable Functionality and Aesthetic,” and it is also the perfect compact massage chair. At first look, you would never guess this was a massage chair.

Using the best contemporary furniture design, including genuine leather, it will quickly find a place in your house. This is the ideal compact massage chair because it combines all of the benefits of a fully working massage chair with the ultimate modern style found in the greatest furniture available today.

The Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair swivels, reclines, and includes a beautiful ottoman that is as functional as it is comfortable. All of this comes in at a relatively manageable 62 pounds, indicating that it is neither excessively heavy nor bulky.

However, all of this grandeur comes at a cost. If you’re on a budget and looking for a massage chair, this chair is probably out of reach. However, suppose you’re looking for a good massage chair that’s both discreet and effective. In that case, there is simply no better tiny massage chair on the market today. Once you take a seat in the Nouhaus Classic Chair, the rest of the world will vanish.

Top Features:

  • S&L-Track Rollers Massage from Shoulders to Buttocks with 42 Deep Pressure Kneads/Minute
  • Multiple Setting Control for Full Body or Spot Massage (Fixed or Range)
  • Auto and Manual Function
  • 4x Airbags Massage Hips with On/Off Function
  • With Percussive, Straight Roll, Shiatsu Kneading, or Mixed Massage!
  • 90 Degree Swivel and 15 Degree Reclining
  • Removable Neck Pillow and External Ottoman
  • Remote Control and Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Product Specification:

ColorPale Rose
StyleReclining Massage Chair / Stylish Lounge Chair
Item Dimensions LxWxH39.7 x 25.9 x 37.9 inches

What Our Reviewer Said About This Chair:

I’m not sure how many times I looked at this chair before ordering it because it was so adorable! I even had a dream about it, lol. My entire house is furnished with mid-century modern furniture, and this chair (the caramel one) was just what I was looking for in a basic lounge chair. However, the massage function is also fantastic. As I work at a desk (at home) all day, I use it to massage my shoulders and neck EVERY DAY. 

It was pretty simple to assemble, and it only took one day to master all of the massage features. And there are a lot of them! You may essentially target ANY region of your body in a single or several locations, and the tapping or kneading can be done in any order (I like the kneading function, it feels just like the massage therapists I go to). 

I also appreciate the airbags. I have narrow hips, so they don’t press in as much as I’d want, but that’s just my body shape; I’m sure 99 percent of everyone else will be OK.

I’ve tried many massage chairs at trade shows and other locations, and the mechanics on this one are DEFINITELY of the same level. However, it appears to be a million times cuter. It’s even better than I expected, and I think anyone who likes massages will enjoy it as well.

What We Like

  • easy to install
  • perfect size
  • well worth the money

What Need Improvement

  • late product delivery

This massage chair has a comfortable padded seat and backrest with an adjustable headrest. It is enclosed in a steel frame with high-quality PU Leather, It has an amazing design which gives it a modern look, Its appearance is modern, stylish, comfortable and it features zero gravity which delivers maximum comfort.

Its recliner function allows you to sit back or sit up to enjoy TV or read a book while you are in the chair, The chair is made of aluminum, polyester, and PU leather.

What to look in Best Massage Chair – Buying Guide

Best Massage chairs are beneficial for your home and can also reduce joint and muscle pain, while still being stylish pieces of furniture. Step up the software settings when you’re feeling tense, or stick with soft, luxurious settings for the other times. 

While shopping for the best massage chair, there are a few things, which you should consider. Here you will locate a few of the important factors regarding the best massage chair that you should keep in mind while purchasing the product.


In addition to massage rollers, several massage chairs come with airbags that carry pressurized air to tiny pockets in the chair. As inflated, the airbags contract the muscles to further promote the flow of blood.


In addition to basic vibration and rolling, the best massage chairs come with a broad range of features. That involves Shiatsu, tapping, kneading, and also zero gravity—which ensures that your feet are level with your core to offer you a sense of weightlessness. These tasks can also be adjustable by intensity and height to suit the body’s specific needs.


Another feature that we find especially appealing in a massage chair is the heating function. Localized heat is a well-known muscle relaxer that, in combination with massage chair pressure, may help with deep muscle relaxation.


Finally, consider how good the chair fits within your house. Make sure to take accurate measurements of the room to ensure that the chair would be able to accommodate both upright and reclining comfortably. Depending on where you choose to hold your chair in your home, the design of your chair can even be a deciding factor in making your final decision. We’ve identified some chic choices for you with minimalist, modern styles that won’t look out of place in your living space, bedroom, or den.