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Best Massage Chair For Arthritis

Regular massage therapy, according to medical experts, can be extremely beneficial in controlling arthritis symptoms. A growing body of evidence supports the claim that it can aid in the restoration of the spine’s natural alignment, reduce pain, promote muscle relaxation, relieve tension, and improve sleep quality.

Despite the numerous benefits of incorporating massage therapy into an arthritis patient’s routine, most people find the cost and time commitment to be prohibitively expensive. 

Is there a better way? 

Fortunately, there is! You can reap all of the benefits of traditional massage therapy without leaving the comfort of your own home by investing in a full-body massage chair.

Massage for Arthritis Pain: Special Considerations

Using a full body massage chair can help manage arthritis symptoms, but you should consult your rheumatologist to see if massage is right for you. Massage is generally not advised if you have any of the following conditions:

Injuries and open wounds that are inflamed or infected, rash, or any infectious skin disease.

A fever, Arthritic joints that have been damaged or eroded Brittle bones as a result of severe osteoporosis Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, are a type of vein that Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people Blood pressure is high. Cardiovascular disease

Furthermore, massage therapy is not advised for people who take blood thinners and are prone to blood clots. It is also not advised for anyone who has recently had surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

If you get your doctor’s okay and want to buy a massage chair, pick one that fits your shape, needs, and budget. 

A massage chair with multiple zero gravity modes, spinal and waist correction features, lumbar heat, foot roller and automatic footrest extension, and other special elements, such as those found in the Cloud9 Olympus massage chair, will be ideal.

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Considerations Before Purchasing a Massage Chair For Arthritis

Now that we’ve gone over the various products, let’s get into the finer points of purchasing a massage chair. Among the features we’ll go over are:


The type of massage chair we use has a significant impact on the other aspects we’ll discuss. The most recent technology provides a zero-gravity design that gives the sensation of floating. The benefit is that it relieves the stress on your joints and muscles, which is a welcome relief.

You’ll also see models with air pressure, which provides a more gentle experience and mitigates some of the roughness issues that some people have with roller designs.

You’ll see products with contoured features and sleeves that target different parts of the body. They provide a massage that encompasses the entire body.


Heat is frequently included as a standard feature in these products because it increases circulation and relaxes your muscles. This can enhance the enjoyment and utility of a massage. 

Take note of the type of temperature control you have. Some of them can get quite hot, increasing the risk of burns. Check the heat distribution as well, noting whether it is only on your back or through the chair.

Dimensions and Size

Massage chairs, as you can see, come in a wide range of sizes, from portable to bulky. Because of the additional mechanical features, the larger ones are usually larger than recliners. They’re also quite heavy. It can be difficult to move it once it has been placed somewhere.

As with any piece of furniture, it’s a good idea to take some measurements before purchasing to avoid the hassle of a return. Allow plenty of space around it, especially if the footrest extends away from it.

Another factor to consider is how easily you can get out of it. Some models are quite deep, making it difficult to stand up. We recommend that you review the product’s return policy as well as any costs associated with it in case it does not work for you.

The price

The best massage chair comes in a variety of price ranges. It usually adheres to the well-worn adage of getting what you pay for. The more expensive ones will be more comfortable. The more bells and whistles you add, however, the higher your cost. 

The products sell themselves, so we recommend that you set a budget before you begin looking for — and trying — them.

Best Massage Chair For Arthritis


  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity-The Zero gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage, aligning your back relative to your thigh at an optimal level of comfort. The 2 stage zero-gravity system, means that you can select from 2 different recline angles that desires.
  • 4D Massage-The next generation of 4D massage rollers are designed for outstanding range and flexibility mapping the curvature of the back with precision. The 4D technology allows the user to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest.
  • Heat Therapy on the Lumbar & Calves-The OS-Escape has heating pads located on the Lumbar area and Calves which enhances the effect of the massage by loosing the muscles.
  • Full Body Air Compression Massage
  • Ergonomic S-Track-The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage along the back from the neck down to the lower spine with a consistent pressure in the massage, whiles providing comfortable support. The typical massage track are linear, creating an inconsistency in pressure. The S-Track contours the curvature of the back allowing for a more even distribution of pressure.

When you sink into the Osaki OS-4D Escape, you’ll forget about your worries (and your back pain). The hood relaxes you with chromotherapy lighting, which is designed to take relaxation to the next level.

This chair has a lot to offer:

For example, 4D massage rollers that follow an ergonomic S-Track, precisely mapping the curvature of your back. If you’re looking for a way to treat your back pain, this is the product for you.

Choose between two zero gravity settings and enjoy a weightless sensation that your body will appreciate. Airbags strategically placed on your shoulders and arms can provide a relaxing massage, while the extendable footrest works on your feet.

When you turn on the powerful heating settings, your lumbar and calves muscles will begin to relax. One of the best aspects of this chair, however, has to be the aromatherapy option, which uses the healing power of essential oils to enhance your relaxation.

Place an aromatherapy capsule in the chair, and the wonderful scents will be circulated throughout the room. One disadvantage, when compared to other massage chairs, is that they cannot be used as regular chairs. You’ll also need to make room for it because it’s one of the largest chairs we’ve reviewed.

Furthermore, with all of these incredible features, you will, of course, pay more: You can, however, spread the cost of this top-of-the-line massage chair over 12, 24, or 36 months with Affirm financing options. Prequalify now to see if you qualify — checking eligibility does not affect your credit.


  • Computer Body Scan System, True Ergonomic S-Track, Upgraded PU covering for Increase Durability and Comfort
  • Six unique Pre-Set Programs, Easy-to-use Large LCD Display Remote with Wireless Remote, 2 Stage Zero-Gravity Positioning Inspred by NASA
  • Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder Air Pressure Massage; Hips and Lumbar Squeeze; Auto Timer Setting from 5-30 minutes Massage Session
  • 5 Levels of Speed and Intensity for the Massage, Seat Vibration Massage, Full Size Easy-to-Use Remote, Lower Back Heat Therapy
  • Auto Leg Scan, Seat Vibration, Intensity Control, Manual Mode, 8 Pre-Set Programs

The Osaki OS4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair focuses on a particular area of concern among adults over the age of 65. In 2013, this age group accounted for 40% of healthcare spending in this category. 

This model is massive, which limits its utility, but it does include many features that help justify its high price. It has five levels of intensity, a timer, and back-targeted heat.

There are eight pre-set programs and six massage styles, including Swedish and shiatsu, to take the guesswork out of getting a massage. The easy-to-use LCD for controlling the numerous options is appealing to us.


  • It has a larger control panel, making it easier to use its features.
  • The timer aids in energy management.
  • It is designed with zero-gravity positioning for maximum comfort.
  • It is adaptable, with numerous massage options and intensity levels.
  • The placement of airbags optimizes pressure and weight.


  • Expensive
  • When you sit in it, it feels a little confining.


  • Updating favor 03 plus: Add Bluetooth audio play and changing LED light, 6 auto modes, more functional and affordable.
  • Zero Gravity: One button zero-gravity design, feel virtually weightless. Built in heater to lower back and foot.
  • Full Body Masage: 8 massage neck back rollers, 50 airbags placed to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back heating, and foot roller massage.
  • Customize Massage: Use the remote to set rollers and airbags massage body parts, speed and strength (3 levels), adjust the back up and down.
  • Comes with 2 boxes, easy to assemble, timer up to 30 minutes, height limit: 6.1 foot, weight limit: 400 pounds. Please check the chair’s size before buy.

For the more than 54 million American adults who suffer from chronic pain, the Real Relax Massage Chair is ideal. This model is less constricting than comparable models, and it also has the zero-gravity feature, which we adore. 

The armrest linkage system allows you to target the painful joints in your hands and forearms. You can also get a massage for your hips.

The chair comes with a remote control that can be programmed. You can, for example, choose to turn off the leg airbags while the heat and massage work on your back.

It has a sleek profile and a modern style that may clash with some decors. The product comes in two boxes and requires some assembly. It does, however, include detailed instructions as well as a YouTube video to walk you through the process.


  • Your midsection, feet, and backside are all heated.
  • There are four massage programs available.
  • It has a three-year warranty.
  • It is easier to move because it has caster wheels.
  • It has a plethora of options for focusing on specific areas of pain.


  • Some people may find the chair too deep to easily get out of.
  • The Assembly is more involved than some people would like.
  • There are no head massage rollers.

Final Words

We are all aware of the aches and pains that come with aging, let alone aging in place. Not to mention any potential medical issues or diagnoses. The best massage chair will target achy spots on your body and provide much-needed relief from the pain and anxiety they cause.

 As you can see, there is a diverse range of products and price points available. If your health allows it, purchasing one may be a wise decision.